Diamant coffin by Jacob Jensen Design for a dignified farewell

Andrea Divirgilio / October 9, 2010

diamant coffins

The trend of luxury funerals is on the rise and the affluent are spending heavily to make their own and their near and dear ones’ funerals very special. We have earlier talked about Michael Jackson’s gold plated coffin, the 14-karat gold-plated Chinese funerary box and a range of designer coffins. The latest coffin you’d love to die for is the new Diamant coffin from Scandinavian design house Jacob Jensen Design in Hejlskov, Denmark. Made from Nordic birch ply and available in a black or white lacquered finish, the Diamant coffins have been designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the coffin manufacturer Tommerup Kister.

Tim Jensen has been working on the Diamant line for last two years with Tommerup Kister. In total, 75 prototypes were made during the process. The Diamant coffin draws inspiration from the shape of a diamond – a symbol of the perpetual, pure and noble.

The highest point on the coffin is in line with the heart of the deceased and the coffin’s top surface is designed in a way that a single flower can be placed exactly there. All Diamant models have their interiors upholstered with organic cotton.

The coffin features a simple graphic pattern on the upholstery and a modest design featuring a sunrise and butterflies. The butterflies here symbolize the soul leaving the body.

The Diamant coffins are available in three models – Diamant 14, Diamant 26 and Diamant 32. The new Diamant Series, combining form and emotions, includes coffins and urns.

Via: Guardian

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