Diamond encrusted toothpick sleeve for the fashionistas

Andrea Divirgilio / December 12, 2007


It’s time to get ready to hold in your mouth one of the most popular jewelry items in the entertainment industry. I am talking about the toothpick sleeves. Now, gold toothpicks have gone one step forth as a company called E.K.D.O. has unveiled the first diamond encrusted toothpick sleeve dubbed Icepik. Each Icepik is hand crafted and set in elegance beyond comparison by renowned goldsmiths. No Icepik will ever be the same due to this fact. All Icepiks are set on 18k gold in order to shine brighter without being getting tarnished. The wooden toothpick still sits in your mouth, but it looks like a piece of art from outside. This diamond-encrusted toothpick sleeve is the newest accessory in couture jewelry and celebrities such as Chris Brown and Ja Rule are enjoying it. An Icepik by E.K.D.O will certainly set you apart from the crowd. Pricing starts at US $800 and goes as high as US $1500.

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