Diamond-Studded Cooker for Posh Kitchen

Andrea Divirgilio / December 1, 2008

stoves cooker lLBRE 12
This economic meltdown has had shown its impact on the lives of even the high net worth individuals who were known for their affluent lifestyle. The lavish Christmas-do’s are giving way to parties organized at homes to cut down on the frills. On the contrary, immaterial wealthy indulgences are still seeing takers like for example the $382,000 dog house we told you about a few days back. Another ego-centric luxury on offer is this diamond mounted cooker by leading home appliance brand Stoves. The luxury oven was announced sometime back in September to mark the diamond anniversary of Denman College, the Women’s Institute-owned Residential Adult Education College, and is now being raffled online for charity. The one-of-a-kind working range cooker was specially commissioned by Stoves with diamond jewelry specialist Seventy Seven Diamonds. Not only is the stove cooker finished with specially developed “diamond-effect” sparkling paint, but it has a certified half-carat diamond worth around $2,100 mounted on the front.

Anne Harrison, of the Women’s Institute said: “The cooker really is something special and will make a wonderful focal point in the winner’s kitchen. After all, there can be few people in the world who can say they are the proud owner of a diamond-mounted oven!” So, for those who agree with Ms. Anne Harrison, this diamond cooker will be showcased at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham from 26th to 30th November on stand V120 and it will be up for sale at a price tag of approx. $6,020.

Via: Newslite

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