Dick Wolf | $ 300 Million
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Dick Wolf Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 300 Million
Dick Wolf is one of the topmost TV producers in the US
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Born on: 20th Dec 46 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Television Producer
Dick Wolf  net worth is estimated at $350 million.     Dick Wolf is one of the topmost TV producers in the US. He has several successful TV series to his credit. His specialty lies in the crime genre & he has several hits like “Miami Vice” & “Law & Order” in his kitty. Many honors & recognition like the Emmy Award, Creative Achievement Award from NATPE, Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America & to top it all a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Honorary position of Consul General of Monaco has also landed in his lap. These awards and recognition became icing on the cake to Dick Wolf  net worth.   An enormously successful career has ensured that today he is one of the wealthiest TV producers in the world. The Dick Wolf  net worth has come from the proceeds of his many hit TV shows produced by his company. It is estimated that he makes about 70 million USD per year. His total net worth till date is calculated to be in the range of a mind boggling  250 to 350 million USD.   The huge Dick Wolf  net worth has enabled him to lead a very luxurious lifestyle. He owns homes in Los Angeles & New York valued at millions of dollars. Luxury vehicles like Lexus adorn his garage. Private jets ferry him around the world. Vacations in exotic places serve as a great stress buster to him. Environmental issues strike a special chord in his heart & he is actively involved in campaigns promoting the pressing need for a greener world. Animal rights also figure prominently in his agenda. He has striven hard to raise funds for military charities to benefit servicemen. These act added charisma to Dick Wolf  net worth.   Wolf was born & brought up in New York City in a middle class American family. He is of mixed race descent since his father was Jewish & mother was an Irish Roman Catholic. However his parents ensured a secular upbringing for him & he is not overtly influenced by any particular religious belief. He once studied in the same class with former US President George W. Bush. He has endured a turbulent love life & has been married thrice. Matrimony with Susan Scranton took place in the year 1970 & the marriage ended in divorce after 13 years. He married Christine Marburg almost immediately after his divorce in 1983 & the union produced 3 children. Unfortunately this marriage too ended in separation after 22 years together in 2005. Presently he is married to Noelle Lippman whom he married in the year 2006.
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