Digital Office Assistant for an executive on the go

Andrea Divirgilio / April 5, 2008

digital office assistant
Trade your smart, intelligent as well as sexy two-legged office assistant for Michael Kritzer’s four-wheeled Digital Office Assistant. You can actually carry all the essential stuff of your office around with this mobile assistant. With your work demanding you to be on the move, this latest creation will assist you to the fullest by rendering comfortable workspace, computer, external hard drive multiple storage compartments and auxiliary power outlets almost everywhere you go. Standing on durable plastic casters, the Digital Office Assistant can easily be towed anywhere. All you gotto do is pull the retractable sleeve, which is located on the front of the unit, and the Office Assistant is at your service. With out any hassles involved in setting it up, for work surface you need to pull the elevation bar, located between the seating surface, to its full extension and simply let the tray fall open.

digital office assistant1

The tray utilizes a specially designed internal wire stabilizer system that keeps the surface flat and even when the elevation bar is fully extended. When it’s time to put the work surface away, simply fold up the tray and place the elevation bar back between the seating surface. This avant-garde Digital Office Assistant is perfect to leave a lasting impression on your clients at the start of the meeting only.

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