Discover the Most Expensive Land Rover Ever
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Discover the Most Expensive Land Rover Ever

Discover the Most Expensive Land Rover Ever


Land Rover has gone a long way from being a no-name in the automotive industry to becoming one of the most important players in this huge industry, in the SUV niche. All Land Rovers are amazing and unique, but one of them stands out of the crowd due to its outstanding features and huge price. 2014 is an important moment in the history of this brand, as they have designed the most expensive land rover ever – the 2014 Land Rover Autobiography Black. At $226,891 (over 140,000 euros), this car exceeds all expectations in terms of reliability, comfort and power. Its features speak for themselves: electrically-deployed tables, chiller compartment, out-of-this-world surround system, 10.2 inch rear screens, console and even champagne chiller. Add to that the V-6 engine, four wheel drive, 8-speed automatic transmission and 360 horsepower and you got the best Land Rover ever made.


Outstanding Design


The new Land Rover is lighter, faster and more elegant than ever. The new look is not as dramatic a change compared to the previous model. However, you will notice that the windshield has been slightly laid back, the details changed and the front end smoothed out. Inside, the new 2014 model comes updated with the state-of-art technologies. The Autobiography Black is equipped with all the bells and whistles, from the touchscreen display in the center to the supple leather, rich wood trim and elegant metal coating that rivals with what Bentley has to offer. Most users who have rated this vehicle offered an almost perfect rating of 9 out of 10 stars for design.


Performance – Nothing Can Match the Land Rover Autobiography Black


The most expensive Land Rover ever stands true to its name, offering a flawless driving experience. Due to the all-aluminum body, the driver gets to drive a vehicle up to 700 pounds lighter than its predecessor. The V-6 supercharged engine boasts 360 horsepower, which is more than enough for every speed addict. When driving the car, you can switch between modes in an instant: general, mud/ruts, grass/snow/gravel, rock crawl and sand.


Comfort – 10 out of 10 Stars


When it comes to comfort, the new Land Rover gets 10 stars. Upgrades are available for both rear and front seats – memory seat setting, personalized seat cover design, massage functions, climate control for each particular zone, electrically deployable tables, lumbar massage, integrated USB charging sockets, integrated cupholders, reclining individual seats, entertainment screens. These are but a taste of what the Land Rover Autobiography Black has to offer.




The new model pushes the Range Rover to new heights of performance, luxury and safety. Blind spot monitors, good visibility, adaptive cruise control and all the other safety features make the Autobiography Black one of the safest vehicles on the market. On top of all, the surround-view camera offers top-notch maneuvering when parking and when going reverse.


The Bottom Line


Being equipped with all the bells and whistles available for modern SUVs, the Land Rover Autobiography Black is an exclusive model that has broken new ground in its niche. In a nutshell, the most Expensive Land Rover Ever is a beauty that can transform a boring ride into an exquisite one.


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