Plantronics’ Discovery 925 Bluetooth headphones for the fashionistas

Andrea Divirgilio / February 27, 2008

discovery 925
These Bluetooth headphones simply look feminine and stunning. Perfectly suited for your pretty ears! No wonder if Eva Longoria Parker or Brooke Shields show one of these off, and why not they make a loud (not literally though) statement too. Called Discovery 925, these earpieces from Plantronics are supposed to hit market in April’08. The hi-breed of a gadgets with the look of fashion accessories, has taken a huge plunge with Discovery 925 headphones. Talking about their other bewitching attributes other than looking good, they are quite light and far sleeker than the other available headphones. Without giving your ears any trouble they compliment your cloths as well. You can get hold of one to match your cloths as there will be about 12 splashy colors to choose from though the initial colors to be launched are gold, magenta and black with a price of about $149 each. Now, if your earpiece is so stylish, then why not the charger? Discovery 925 will come along with a chic wireless charging case with on-the-go charging. Well, that makes the pretty picture complete, what say?

via ShinyShiny

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