Dita Von Teese Shows her Curves Donning the World’s First 3D Printed Dress

Andrea Divirgilio / March 8, 2013

When dancer, model, and actress Deta Von Teese does something, or in this dons something, it remains etched in the memory of her fans and fashion geeks alike. This time, she managed to gain the shutterbugs’ attention by wearing what happens to be the world’s first fully-articulated 3D printed dress. At the Ace Hotel in New York City earlier in the week, the sassy Von Teese turned up in the fully constructed black gown, which is known to have been created with nylon fiber with more than 3,000 joints as a part of the design. Fitting rather sensuously around the star’s curvaceous body, the cameras clicked with impunity, and she seemed to be enjoying the attention for good. While we saw her in the dress, we were left wondering if Lady Gaga is getting her designers to create a special and indeed outrageous edition of the outfit already!

Dita Von Teese dons the world's first 3D dress

According to details furbished in media so far, the dress has been created as an exclusive piece by Dita’s designing studios called Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt. Due to its unique construction, there are 3,000 reported joints in the gown which will fit perfectly on the person wearing the dress, which perhaps is a way to get the ‘sexy’ tag but with innovation.

Dita Von Teese dons the world's first 3D dress

Designers also reveal that the gown has over 12,000 Swarovski Crystals, throughout the dress and they have been placed uniquely by following the Fibonacci sequence. This gives it the unique appearance and fitting which can be seen in the photos of actress-model-designer here.

Dita Von Teese dons the world's first 3D dress

Technically speaking, the floor length dress has been created with the help of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technique, in which the special fabric is built up layering plastic powder together with a special laser gun.

Dita Von Tesse 3D printed dress shoulder

The components created especially are then netted with each other to create the dress, but these fittings have been done keeping the Fibonacci sequence in mind, and the shape of Dita Von Teese’s body. This actually is the reason why the garment fits so very perfectly on her. This would also mean that any garment such as this one, will have to be created on a customized basis, against the order of some fashion crazy celebrity.

Dita Von Teese 3D printed gown

Via: Gizmodo / DesignBoom

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