Diving the Poseidon Discovery Rebreather is simply fun!

Andrea Divirgilio / November 18, 2008

discovery rebreather OFklg 48

Rebreather diving makes sense and here comes the first scuba rebreather designed for recreational divers. Poseidon has introduced Discovery Rebreather, which will let you experience a new way of diving, very safe and silent. The Poseidon Discovery allows you to stay underwater for up to three hours. The rebreather comes with an advanced control system and it even has automatic and continuous safety checks that are displayed on the integrated LCD computer display that touts backlighting and an ambient light sensor for your convenience. The Discovery rebreather has already been used by many military and rescue divers all over the world and latest NASA’s backup-divers. Avid recreational divers can have it for a cool $6,000.

Via: Poseidon

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