Dodge Viper GTS
Dodge Viper GTS | $ 110,000
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Dodge Viper GTS

Dodge Viper GTS

The Dodge Viper GTS is a powerful sports car built by Dodge, a side wing of Chrysler. The GTS is a mid engine, two seats, two door car built by Dodge since 1996 and the production of the car was stopped in 2002. The modern Viper SRT is based on the technology of the iconic GTS. The Viper was always a manual and the GTS is no exception and they are all powered by a powerful V10 truck engine.


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Dodge has taken special care while designing the interior of the GTS as most of the parts are made from carbon fiber to keep the weight in check. The dash board, steering wheel, door knobs, window knobs, etc are made of carbon fiber, while aluminum parts are used in places like the different dash board mounted knobs, gear knob, brake and clutch pedal, etc. The seats are made of charcoal finish leather and this gives the interior a very posh look. Dodge has been careful while designing the car and focusing on the need of the targeted segment. This car was mainly built for the high school students and the sports enthusiasts and hence, fancy parts have been avoided.

The Dodge Viper GTS is built for performance and hence the luxury details are not very appropriate. However, the car includes air conditioning, an advanced climate control, parking sensors, advanced suspension system for bumpy rides, air bags for the driver and the passenger and a music system. The car also has adjustable steering wheel and easily manageable ride height for the safety and comfort of the driver. This car makes driving seem easy and the under seat air conditioning can be useful at times. Add to that the under seat suspension, making even the bumpy rides seem smooth.


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The Viper GTS is a very aerodynamic vehicle with sleek lines pointed towards the rear, a smooth front grille further increases the aerodynamics, the rear end is flat and this gives the car an arrow like shape. The front grille is typically Viper and the dual fog lamps scream for attention. Dodge, while designing the car had tried to keep its weight as low as possible and as a result, the Viper has an aluminum body frame with fiber glass wind shields and the over all design of the GTS was based on the RT 10, the first and the best designed Viper. In fact the basic design of the Viper was never changed in the car and even the latest models of the car uses the RT 10s base design.

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