Doettling clads Colosimo watch safe in leather and spikes

Andrea Divirgilio / April 3, 2012

After the recent iPad controlled masterpiece, the HUBLOT Morphosis safe, Doetlling has reintroduced the Colosimo, but with some mentionable change in its aesthetics and capabilities. Very retro and macho, the world’s smallest safe, weighing just 13kg, now comes with a spikes and leather cover format, along with the capability to handle 3 watches on charge at the same time. Originally introduced as a safe for an individual luxury watch, there was a strong demand for something which can take in a few more than that, hence the Colosimo gets to take on 3 at a time now. Fabrication also sees some other options as shown below.

Doettling Colosimo watch safe in leather and spikes

When it’s about high end horology, even its storage and safekeeping are now a matter of great aesthetics, which the Colosimo has shown par excellence. The leather option features a traditional design of black leather cushion on the exterior and same color on the interior watch dock, which can now put together 3 watches at the time. On the other hand, there is the one with the spikes, which are symbolic and virtually synonymous with biking and a retro style of expression. The metal pointed studs on the outer cover are a virtual killer of sorts, and would remain an important part of the collectibles within one’s home.

Doettling Colosimo watch safe in leather

With a price tag of $22,100, one can easily get of these watch safes on order. However, some of the single watch holder could also be ordered for $18,600. Just in case these small ones don’t satisfy your tastes, do check out the Kudoe Schli Matz Gigantis and the Buben & Zorweg Titan watch safes, which will house more watches, but will fall as the heavier options for your pockets.

Doettling Colosimo watch safe in spikes

Via: Dottling/ Luxury Launch

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