Doll house equipped with working accessories brings your doll to life

Andrea Divirgilio / January 18, 2010

clearview doll house 1

If you love your doll but not the Japanese way and think dolls are an investment, then designer Elaine Shaw’s tiny hi-tech property is going to ignite your passion to a completely new level. This miniature home called “Clearview” will surely make life harder for the collectors, unless they grab one. The designer has spent thousands of hours packing the intricate three-story miniature home with modern decor and working accessories, like a miniature iMac, X-BOX, flat screen TV and Art Deco paintings. Entirely hand crafted, many accessories are fully operational, like working lights, a fridge with a working door and the owner can also change the time on the bedside clock by simply turning a knob on its side. Equipped with everything expected in a real home, this investment in love would bring your doll to life. Doll house enthusiasts can buy a Clearview outer shell and hand-made fixtures through Miaim on order.

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Via: Metro

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