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Net Worth $ 450 Million
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Born on: 19th Jan 46 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Singer, Songwriter and Actress
Dolly Parton net worth is estimated at $500 million. Born Dolly Rebecca Parton , best known for her work in country music, is a legendary American signer-songwriter, actress and philanthropist. In course of her 40-year long country music career, Patron has written and performed several hits like "My Tennessee Mountain Home", "9 to 5", "Coat of Many Colors", "Jolene" and "I Will Always Love You" which was later covered by Whitney Houston to which in return contributed to Dolly Parton net worth. Parton has composed over 3,000 songs and has sold around 100 million albums. One of the best selling artists of all time as well as the most successful female country artist, Patron has had twenty five number one singles as well as 41 top-10 country albums. Dolly has also acted in several movies like “Steel Magnolias”, “Joyful Noise”, “Unlikely Angel”, “Straight Talk”, “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and “9 to 5”. These film appearances became one sources to Dolly Parton net worth. Parton also co-owns a film- and TV-production company called Sandollar Productions which has produced films like “Sabrina”, “Father of the Bride” and “Father of the Bride: Part II” as well as TV series like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Babes”. Dolly Patron  net worth is around $450 million though some sources claim that her net worth may be as high as $600 million. Dolly has earned her wealth through the sales of her albums, musical tours, performances and the royalties received from the album sales. Dubbed as the wealthiest country-music star, by Nashville Business in 1998, Dolly Patron also owns a number of businesses. The bulk oof Dolly Parton net worth , came from her investments  back into the community she was born and raised in. She co-owns The Dollywood Company which operates a waterpark called Dollywood's Splash Country, a dinner theatre venture called Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede and a theme park called Dollywood. With over 3,000 people on its payroll, Dollywood is the biggest employer in the region. Parton’s other business ventures too have helped revitalize the economy of the area. Dolly Patron has also been involved with many charitable foundations and supports various social causes, though her Dollywood Foundation which funds many literacy programs like Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. The program allots children one book a month from the time of their birth up to the time when they reach kindergarten. Dolly Patron met Carl Dean on her first day in Nashville at a Laundromat. Two years later, the couple got married. Dean owns an asphalt road-surface-paving business in the city and is known to be extremely media shy. Dolly has been rumored to have dated several of her country music co-star as well as Hollywood actors. However, she has admitted that she has never cheated on her husband during her 45-year long marriage despite having had several crushes. Parton and Dean raised many of her younger siblings though the couple has no children of their own. Dolly Parton is also the godmother of singer and actress Miley Cyrus.  
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