Domenico Vacca introduces ‘Ferrari of Clothing’ for men

Andrea Divirgilio / May 4, 2010

dominco vacca collection 1

As Domenico Vacca aims to revive true luxury by blending intricate design detail and skilled workmanship, here’s another limited edition collection from the designer aimed exclusively at discerning men. These hand-sewn garments include men’s jackets and suits and are numbered in Vacca’s “Limited Edition” collection to keep up the essence of exclusivity. The collection is also available in bespoke where every garment is labeled 1/1 and it’s definitely not an overstatement when Mr. Vacca says – “We wanted to keep making the ‘Ferrari of Clothing’ with passion and pride.” The Limited Edition collection is priced between $3,600 to $4,900 and will soon include a women’s collection in limited numbers, of course.

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Via: Domenico Vacca

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