Don Omar | $ 22.5 Million
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Don Omar Net Worth

Puerto Rico
Net Worth $ 22.5 Million
Don Omar
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Born on: 10th Feb 78 Born in: Puerto Rico Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Entertainment
Born William Omar Landrón Rivera has an estimated net worth of $22.5 million. Don Omar is a famous Puerto Rican rapper and singer besides a composer and a songwriter. He shot to fame with his famous tracks namely Dale Don Dale and Dile. Both the songs belong to the renowned album named The Last Don that released in the year 2003. The Last Don: Live got a nomination for the Urban Music Album at the Latin Grammy Awards in the year 2005. Two of his compositions even featured in the blockbuster Fast Five in the ending credits. Don Omar is, as said above, a famous rapper and singer of Puerto Rica. Almost all of his albums released in his singing career since the year 2003 were best-sellers. Not only this, his albums also received high-profile nominations and awards like Latin Grammy Awards. He even was a part of some of the Hollywood movies like Fast and Furious and Fast Five released in the year 2009 and 2011 respectively. Moreover, these movies even were appreciated by millions of viewers across the globe. So, as noticed, Omar's wealth is a combined pool of his income from his album sales and roles in movies. Don Omar is a very high-profile celebrity from Puerto Rica. His expenditures are something that he does with utmost care. After getting divorced from Jackie, he has a huge responsibility of raising four kids. So his expenses related to the four kids are one of the most important sectors which consequently becomes a necessity for him. However, another important sector of his wealth expenditure is purchasing of assets like his plush New Jersey mansion and a few cars. Omar also spends a good amount of money for the promotions of his shows or the albums which are on the verge of releasing. William Omar Landrón Rivera or simply Don Omar has four children. He got married to Jackie Guerrido on April 18, 2008 and got divorced in the year 2010 after several settlements. Jackie Guerrido is a journalist cum forecaster. Omar is actually disallowed from Univision after this Univision got engrossed with his marriage with Jackie. Henceforth, he is not permitted to attend any kind of Univision award shows. Besides this, he is the owner of the Orfanato Music Group. Don Omar has a number of tattoos on his body. There’s the coat of arms of Puerto Rico on his left arm and a totem pole on his right forearm, which reveal his patriotic nature.
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