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Donald Bren | $ 14.3 Billion
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Donald Bren Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 14.3 Billion
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Honor of Irvine Company
Donald Bren
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Born on: 11th May 32 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Real Estate, Irvine Company
Born Donald L. Bren has an estimated net worth $14.3 billion according to Forbes as of March 2014. A master planner and a long term investor within the real estate industry, Donald Bren has earned a reputation nationwide as an expert to craft reasonable master-planned communities. One of the most generous philanthropists and community entrepreneur, Bren is one of the richest business men in California. Bren’s leading innovative ideas to combine well designed homes with resourceful amenities has been a real boon for the US real estate industry. Olympic class skier and an avid tennis player, Bren enjoys a blissful married life. Son of Hollywood producer Milton Bren, Donald after completing his graduation in business administration, founded the Bren Company which built homes in California. Bren followed the company’s establishment by share acquisitions of the Irvine Company to become its sole owner and chairman. At present, Bren owns high quality investment properties in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and Silicon Valley. Owner of top standard land and real estate assets, Bren has a net worth of $12 billion making him one of the richest men in California. Bren’s company’s portfolio includes 125 apartment communities, 480 office buildings, 41 retail centers, five marinas, three hotels and three golf clubs. Bren has been a real advocate for education, which is clearly visible from his generous financial support to schools and universities. Bren has bestowed more than $200 million from his accumulated real estate wealth to maintain programs in K-12 public schools and other advanced education institutions in Southern California. A trustee at the California Institute of Technology, Bren has made some other bighearted contributions which include a $2.5 million loyalty to the Burnham Institute for Medical Research, $1 million to the Marine Corps University and $20 million to the UC Irvine School of Law. Bren’s contribution to causes like education, conservation and research made him one of the top ten philanthropists in the nation. The 79 year old businessman is married to a 32-year-old entertainment lawyer Brigitte Muller and the couple resides in Newport Beach, California. One of the most influential developers in the American history, Bren has a career full of awards and honors, prominent one including Businessperson of the Year and Semper Fidelis Award. On account of his outstanding financial contribution throughout the year, Bren also received the Presidential Medal which is the California University’s highest honor.
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Donald Bren Estates and Homes (1)

New port beach home

Newport Beach home

Billionaire real estate developer Bren resides in his lavish mansion in Newport Beach, California which has an estimated cost over $5 million. Newport Beach is renowned for its beautiful homes, perfect weather, brilliant dining and shopping experiences and the Orange County Airport. The richest man in California also owns two homes in California, an apartment in New York and a Sun Valley Ranch.

Accommodation: Bren’s plush house is built on a lot in the estimated range of 5,000- to 9,000-square-foot.

Neighborhood: Newport Beach has been home to Hollywood stars like Humphrey Bogart, Nicholas Cage and John Wayne. It has also been home to reputed figures like Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and Bill Gross of PIMCO.

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Charity work

UC Irvine School of Law

One of the most influential and commanding person in Southern California, Bren has been the most generous philanthropist of all times. The Business week magazine estimates Bren’s lifetime charity contributions to be more than $1.3 billion.

His extensive donation and charity for causes like education, research and conservation includes $20 million to the UC Irvine School of Law, $2.5 million to the Burnham Institute for Medical Research, $1 million to the Marine Corps University and more than $200 million for maintaining programs in schools and institutions in Southern California. Bren's big hearted contributions also include $20 million to UC Santa Barbara's School of Environmental Science and 50,000 acres of land to Orange County for use as parks, greenways and recreation.

Bren is a trustee at the California Institute of Technology and has also received the California University’s highest honor “Presidential Medal” for his exceptional financial contribution to the university.

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