Donatella Versace | $ 200 Million
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Donatella Versace Net Worth

Net Worth $ 200 Million
Donatella Versace
Donatella Versace
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Born on: 2nd May 55 Born in: Italy Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Fashion and Life style
Born Donatella Versace has an estimated net worth of $200 million. "Versace Group is one name that automatically comes to mind when we think of a big fashion brand and Donatella Versace, the brand's current Vice-President is a major reason for that. Born as a daughter of a dressmaker, Donatella Versace was the youngest of four children. Her elder brother Gianni Versace was the founder of the Versace Group and appointed Dontella as muse and critic for the group. He awarded her with her own diffusion label, Versus which still produces clothes today. But after Gianni’s tragic death she took over the company. Since childhood, Donatella has always been a person full of life as she started accompanying her brother to discos and nightclubs from the age of 11. With her creative abilities, she came up with the idea of using well-known models for the catwalk shows so that the label would get good press coverage. Her celebrity friends like Madonna, Demi Moore, Elton John and others has walked for her on ramp. Originally she wanted to become a Public relation officer which is why her PR knowledge has help keep the Versace name in the news regardless of some monetary destitution after her brother's death in 1997. Donatella can be anything but ‘simple and so is her mansion in Milan, Italy. Platinum blonde hair lady owns 2 floors of an Italian Apartment furnished in exquisite empire furnishings. Her creativity can be seen in every nook and corner of the mansion. Apart from being a fashion lable owner Donatella also runs a chain of five star hotel and jeelry collection. Donatella not only designs clothes but has also tried her hands in designing cars. In 2005 Donatella Versace custom designed a MINI Cooper Cabrio in bright yellow and black color with trademark Versace logo on the seats for the Life Ball. The fashion icon got married to American model Paul Beck and has two children (Allegra and Daniel).
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Donatella Versace Estates and Homes (2)

Milan apartment

Milan Apartment

Donatella Versace’s extravagant 2 floor apartment home in Milan is furnished with detailed empire furnishing that ostentate luxury.

Location: Donatella’s 2 floor apartment is located in Milan, Italy.


Interior and Décor: Donatella decorated her home with splashes of colors, incorporated beautiful empire antiques with light colored walls to give it a pure Versace look. She used a variety of floral arrangements along with colorful paintings to add interest, and has added colors almost everywhere in her home to feel the serenity. The solid and pastel colored luxurious furniture incorporates minute details in carvings and makes her home the supreme of luxury.


Accommodation: Donatella’s bedroom is her treasure room. She decorated her room with rich colors so that they could hide her. She has kept her bedroom very private, as she says “my life is public, here I close the door and no one comes in”. In her secret place to relax, she watches her favorite DVD’s, listens to music and enjoys her intimate private life.

Living Room

Living Room
royal look for the living room

Dinning room

Dinning room
The dinning area is decorated in typical English style

Miami Beach mansion

Miami Beach mansion

About Versace Mansion: Miami Beach Mansion, built in 1930 by architect and philanthropist Alden Freemanbut, is Ocean Drive’s most infamous residence with a dreadful history attached to it. Gianni Versace was shot dead on July 15, 1997, aged 50, on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion as he returned from a morning walk on Ocean Drive. In 1992, while visiting to South Beach, this famous fashion designer spotted this house and fell in love with it. He restored the home and had some of the most happening parties in this home. But after his death, the house was sold to telecommunications mogul and has since been turned into a private, members-only party mansion. The Spanish-style structure, known as Casa Casaurina, has an inner courtyard.


Location: The Versace Mansion is located at the Miami Beach, a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.


Neighborhood: Miami Beach is one of the hottest holiday destination amongst the celebrities. Many celebs have their holiday home in this city such as Shakira, Michael Bay, Beyonce and many more.

Donatella Versace Autos and Cars (1)

2005 Mini Cabriolet

The unique car

The Italian fashion designer owns a Mini Cabriolet car that she has designed on her own. MINI Cooper Cabrio which is black and designed in yellow was exclusively custom designed for the Life Ball 2005. The shifter of the car is adorned with crystals with Versace logo inscribed on it. The logo is also placed on the seats of the car.  

Ultra rich gearshift

Ultra rich gearshift
The uniqueness of the car is defined in each and every section, the gearshift is also covers the Versace logo

Embroidery in headrest

Embroidery in headrest
Premium embroidery work on the headrest of the seats

2005 Mini Cabriolet

2005 Mini Cabriolet
Donatella Versace in her car

Donatella Versace Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

St Barts

Christmas in St Barts

In 2008, Donatella was spotted holidaying on the Christmas day on the beach for a shoreside stroll in St Barts. She stayed at an exclusive beach resort with a with a located in the French Caribbean near St Martin and Anguilla. Gustavia the capital of St. Barts has   imported cigars, diamonds, perfume, and other yacht-party essentials.  the island has of beautiful beaches, breathtaking vistas, 

Donatella Versace Cause (1)

One Foundation

One foundation

The Italian fashion designer is associated with One Foundation that provides respite to victims of natural disasters, as well as youth suffering from mental health problems.

Donatella Versace Brands (1)


H&M fashion

The Versace owner was spotted wearing H&M black dress

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