The Donkervoort GTO is a new generation of sports car for the rich boys
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The Donkervoort GTO is a new generation of sports car for the rich boys

The Donkervoort GTO is a new generation of sports car for the rich boys

After a gap of nearly a year, the fans of the Donkervoort brand have another reason to celebrate. Just when fans were beginning to get restless for yet another racing masterpiece, the Dutch Company has managed to create the limited edition GTO car, for those who love the adrenaline rush of speed. With just 5% of borrowed parts from its preceding model, this Donkervoort features a larger body, yet a lighter one because of the extensive use of purchase cheap Sildenafil carbon fiber, and the Audi TT-engine, which has been modified to the needs of this car. So, finally the Christmas and New Year’s for 2011 sports car lovers is going to be an adrenaline-filled one!

Donkervoort GTO Front view

Even though the company has been in business for barely over 3 decades, they seem to match the standards of bigger players in market. For starters, they have made judicial use of carbon fiber on the side plates, door and many other components of the car, making it ultra-light in weight for something of its size (980 kgs). But since we all know that carbon fiber is something known for high tensile strength, the use of the fabric has ensured that the vehicle can absorb anything of the intensity of 1,500 kg on the body. Also, the engine below the hood, has been borrowed from the Audi TT-RS, but redone specifically for the car in dual modes, and of a lighter weight. This means that with a lighter weight of around 30 to 40 kgs, and the help of a button flick, one can pump in around 60 HP of power in the sports mode of riding. The general output will 340HP, but the cheap Phenergan sports mode shall give out around 400 HP of power.

On the inside, the car is all about racing and speed thrills, in terms of aesthetic. A look at the black dashboard, one can see the multitude of meters placed, which shall display the various functions of the car. With a 2-seather configuration, it looks to accommodate only 1 other passenger than the main driver within the vehicle. Talking of aesthetics on the outside, the car will have a steel grey body, with black accents and special racing car tires. Seems like no surface on earth will actually make a difference to the Donkervoort buy Proscar advair diskus generic brand advair diskus 250 50 price comparison order fluticasone nov 28, 2014 - buy cheap generic estrace online without prescription estradiol online . buy estrace online uk – buy estrace pills buy estrace cream online . GTO riding experience!

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Donkervoort GTO Rear view

Like most things precious, this car will also have a limited edition production very year. 25 have been planned out, out of which 12 have already been booked for, by some of the rich guys. The attached price tag is supposedly between €100,000-150,000 ($130,264-195,396). However, for those who want to enjoy a somewhat similar thrill in a solo module, do check out coverage of the BAC mono-single racer. Looks like the racers are indeed being spoiled for choice.

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