Dornbracht new luxury shower ‘Sensory Sky’ brings the feeling of showering in the open air

Andrea Divirgilio / March 28, 2013

Adding the ‘sense’ factor while having the daily shower is something Dornbracht seem to have done over the years, and with considerable success. In the past we have the Ambient Eswitch, and Rainsky Eshower which allowed one to please the senses through greater presence of sound, but the latest Sensory Sky edition seems to do that with greater perfection than over. Since most of the city folks dream of having their daily baths as close to nature as possible, Dornbracht gives the opportunity for the rich buyers to replicate the similar conditions within their home bathrooms, with various components like the light, rain, fog, and fragrance. The objective seems clear; its all about bringing nature into the concrete jungles that we see in cities today.

Dornbracht Sensory Sky shower

Featuring a minimalistic design, one never gets to see a lot of bling with the sensory Sky shower set. Readjust’ sensitizes and sharpens the senses with warm fog and light rain, ‘Release’ is as cleansing and liberating as a summer cloudburst. ‘Rejoice’ protects, envelops and stabilizes – with water droplets glistening in the colours of the rainbow.” Apart from the main scenes, each of the elements can also be programmed separately for an optimum experience in the bathroom.

Dornbracht Sensory Sky shower controls

To recreate the smells, one of the essentials of sense, naturals sources such as essential oils and balms are a part of the system, which will operational when the shower is used. With the expertise of Kremitron, the International Fragrance Association have jointly ensured perfect quality and safety of the product.

Dornbracht Sensory Sky shower

In order to control the various modes and choreographs involved, one can to just use the simple stainless steel electronic panel usually fixed on the sidewall. This panel controls the head sprinkler, body sprinkler, rain curtain, the cold water fog nozzle, along with the lighting and fragrance fixtures in the set. To ensure water and the other resources are judiciously used, Smart Water technology is a part of the Sensory Sky which optimizes both experience and the convenience associated with it. Options like brushed and high gloss stainless, platinum, and chrome are available for putting up as preference. For those planning to grab the set, autumn 2013 is when it will be available for sale, and the first demos were seen at the recently held ISH 2013 fair in Frankfurt.

Via: Dornbracht

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