Dos Pueblos Ranch: A Historic Chunk of Santa Barbara for sale at $84 Million
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Dos Pueblos Ranch: A Historic Chunk of Santa Barbara for sale at $84 Million

Dos Pueblos Ranch: A Historic Chunk of Santa Barbara for sale at $84 Million

From all the areas which are doing reasonably well in the United States buy plan-b real estate market, California remains a prime area of interest of every magnitude, due to the high growth opportunities and the endowment of natural sea-side beauty. But as a bonanza for lucky investors, the 2,175-acre Dos Pueblos ranch is now on the market, which will encompass a very significant area of the historic Santa Barbara City. Some estimates say, that this ranch is almost 17% of the city’s total acreage. However, the reason why this ranch draws much of the attention is, because of the history associated with this part of the land. After Christopher Columbus landed in America, 50 years later, Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and his crew landed up at a stretch of sea side land of California. This stretch later got integrated into Santa Barbara Mission lands, and adopted the name of ‘Dos Pueblos’, but from then on remained as a part of a single ranch of the above mentioned size. Also, this property has been the asset of famous people of the corporate world including the likes of financer John. H. Williams, oil-magnate Herbert G. Wylie, Samuel Moser, and Rudolf Schulte. Mr. Schulte is known to have invested the most amount of money, to convert this estate into an oasis that it is today.

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Dos Pueblos Ranch residential house

Listed Price: $84 million

Setting and Location: Sprawling, never-ending, gigantic, and sea-side paradise are just some of the terminology that struck us, which perhaps could summarize how this ranch has been set. Amongst the multiple divisions in terms of area, the estate includes the private sandy beach area, agricultural land, and residential area with 15 mansions including the 5 bedroom 7 bathrooms Casa Grande mansion, garages, barns, supporting buildings etc. Located 17-miles away from historic Santa Barbara city, the Pacific Ocean in the southern part, Los Padres National Forest, and Lake Cachuma are just some of the prominent recreational areas, and samples of nature’s endowments located within the ranch or in near proximity. With all the facilities that are inside, it won’t be a far stretch to define this land as something

Activities possible: Mountain hiking, camping, fishing and snorkeling, wide life adventure tourism and related sports, along with beach activities like speed boating, etc. Even if one doesn’t wish to indulge in sports and adventure, the observation of beauty and relaxation in all of the different area of the ranch, will itself constitute a separate category of activity to itself.

Facts and Figures:

· Is a total of 2,175 acres in size. The area would include beach area, residential area with 15 mansions, agricultural area, garages, barns and other support service buildings. best prices for all customers! buy zoloft india . instant shipping, cheap generic zoloft.

· The size of the ranch is almost 17% of the total area of Santa Barbara.

· Has been on sale for the first time in the last 30 years. dec 24, 2014 - our generic estrace (estradiol) drugs work just as well as brand to choose a profession, so that each new day for you to become a joy and not torture much cost gm cream getting how 0.5 mg pregnant 0.1 estrace does .

· Was the beachfront area where Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo first landed when he stepped into the land, earlier set foot by Christopher Columbus 50 years preceding this event.

· Has many other tourist attractions and even research centers located within a few miles of the property.

Dos Pueblos Ranch greenery

Contact: Kerry Morman & Associates

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977, Via Rosita, Santa Barbara, California- 93110, Retin-A cream USA

Phone Viagra online no prescription No. - (805)-682-3242


Via: Coastal Ranch/ Realtor

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