Dream futuristic project Superbus: Now a reality

Andrea Divirgilio / April 8, 2011


Few years ago when people used to talk about this super bus, hardly anybody believed that it could be a reality so soon. Wubbo Ockels a future visionary has got a boom in transportation and made a super bus that runs at a speed of 155 kmph a reality.

The electrically powered Dutch Superbus can accommodate 23 passengers at a time and is powered by a 300kw engine and several lithium-ion batteries that make it Eco- friendly. The vehicle itself is made entirely of carbon fiber and fiberglass. This design was earlier conceived for the home country of Ockels but due to its non-economical approach, he thought of launching it in Dubai as the country has immense cash flow. Eventually, the concept was made for delicate roads but now it can move on the normal roads as well.

The luxury lover tourist can enjoy a ride between Abu Dhabi and Dubai from next week when it will be showcased outside Europe for the first time. This excellent project is a brain child of TU Delft University of Technology in Holland. This Superbus is said to tackle the problems such as pollution, congestion, safety with a high speed. Truly an invention of the century!

Thanks: Vincent!

Via: Trendhunter/Dvice

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