Dress up your cars with Louis Vuitton & Burberry interiors

Andrea Divirgilio / August 31, 2011

Louis Vuitton & Burberry Car Interiors

People in love with their expensive cars, especially the group with extra cash, would go great lengths to dress up vehicles and the interiors of these are no exceptions. This has henceforth resulted, in some big names from the fashion world to lend their expertise and design sense, to do up car interiors. In this case, it’s Louis Vuitton and Burberry brands, which have presented their collections and have been photographed by New York artist, Luis Gispert.

Mr. Louis Gispert has been an Ivy Leaguer artist, who got his masters’ academic credentials from the University of Yale, after which he ended up creating his own studio to showcase his work, in Brooklyn. Till a certain time, he has been displaying the films and sculptures he created, but according to experts from the fashion circles, his main forte remained photography. Paying heed to this suggestion, he went on a 2 year journey to click pictures, of car interiors which have been done up often to match the styling quotient and clothing of the vehicles’ owners. At the upcoming show at Mary Boone Gallery, he will be put up for viewing, his efforts of the 2 years in this unique genre of art. Amongst them, one which caught our attention was the ‘Burberry BMW’ design, which had the signature black checks of the brand, on an off-white background, which was repeated everywhere in the interiors including the steering wheel. A similar discourse was that of the ‘Spouse Grouse’ design, which did up the interiors in emerald green with Louis Vuitton logos all over, but in an aggressively arbitrary pattern. On looking at it, we were left wondering who the individual might be, who could replicate it on their clothes. At the exhibition we just told you about, patrons can look forward to seeing the collection of abstract design of car interiors, and purchase them in a set of 6, which will cost them $25,000 each. These sets will have 6 photographs of various sizes of the particular designs.

Louis Vuitton & Burberry Car Interiors

In past, when such artistry was on display was the ever famous Victoria Beckham designed ‘Range Rover Vogue’ collection, which displayed her creativity and high-end fashion sense. Also, Gucci had done the ‘Gucci Fiat 500’, where it did up the small car both on the exterior as well as the interior. This is certainly ‘In-vogue’ methodology of pimping your ride.

Via: Bloomberg/ Excite

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