Dry Water Jet Massager – A dry yet wet spa bed for $30,000

Andrea Divirgilio / August 11, 2008

dry wet massager HxClJ 5784
Don’t get me wrong as I don’t intend to tease our readers on a Monday morning nor do seek to irk my seniors with serious goofups. I meant every word of the header. For uber rich folks who wanna unwind and refresh but without a drop of water hitting their body, the Dry Water Jet Massager is just what doctor’s advised. Up at Hammacher for little less than $30,000, this massage bed serves true to its name. Designed to provide a full-body water jet massage without getting you wet, 28 water jet nozzles deliver precise, invigorating streams of water that replicate the principles of shiatsu. And it’s not some magic shield that will keeps the user dry. A pliable polymer sheet provides a waterproof barrier between the user and the nozzles. That simple! Shaped as a capsule, it is at your service with more invigorating cannot-do-without features like aromatherapy, relaxing audio, and video to soothe all your senses. Once inside, it gets more interesting as the sloping headrest has a massage-table style face opening that allows user to lie prone and watch the integrated 7″ LCD screen with DVD player in comfort. Music buffs can connect their iPod or CD player and listen to their favorite music with Bose headphones.

Even the olfactory senses can be nourished with pleasing scents of essential oils released from the integrated aromatherapy diffuser.

Originally intended to be used at five-star resort spas, many well-heeled folks can set their heels in this dry-wet massager capsule.

Via CoolestGadgets

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