Hyundai’s in-dash display lets driver, passenger see different

Andrea Divirgilio / February 23, 2008

dual view lcd technologies

Hyundai has come up with an innovative idea to increase in-car functionality. To achieve this end, Hyundai incorporates the same idea that has taken home entertainment market by storm, namely Dual-view LCD technologies. The dual-view in-dash display is meant to to display two different programs on one monitor. The viewing angle determines which of the two programs can be seen on the display. The driver of the vehicle should ideally view navigation or vehicle information. The passengers, however, do not need to bore themselves with the same. They can keep themselves occupied with entertainment programs, consisting of video films, TV programs or radio menus. If the display is viewed from one of the two angles, only the image dedicated to that angle will be seen. Two different video programs running on one screen saves the expenses, risk and space problems associated with installing a second monitor. What’s better, neither the driver nor the passenger would need to compromise on quality of video.

via Jalopnik / CrunchGear

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