Duravit’s outdoor bathtubs now offer you at-home spa indulgence

Andrea Divirgilio / May 11, 2010

duravit outdoor tubs
The Duravit range of outdoor bathtubs just got better to turn your backyard into a personal wellness retreat. The outdoor variants of the Sundeck and Blue Moon pools now combine comfortable tub design with spa technology. Inside each pool is a system with three cycle options: Emotion cycle, Power cycle and the Relax cycle for a spa-like soothing experience. The Emotion cycle features 24 Durapearl jets built into the tub’s floor that releases large air bubbles to caress your skin. The Power cycle uses large jets to produce a powerful jet stream massage; the Relax cycle gently massages the feet and back area.

All cycles can be operated separately or together with the waterproof remote control. The tub embeds a colored light-emitting diode, with fixed programs ranging from a splash of varying hues to a pulsing display, to add to the heavenly experience. And the weather-resistant tubs turn into a sunbathing deck when not in use. The acrylic paneling can be complemented with various wooden surfaces and white upholstery to turn them into an outdoor bed.
The pool maintains a constant water temperature and boasts a no-maintenance design that doesn’t even requires a permanent water connection, as the pools can be filled with a garden hose.

Via: Duravit

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