Too hot to handle: diamond encrusted earplugs

Andrea Divirgilio / October 7, 2008

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Possessing a top-end cellphone or a must-have portable music player isn’t the end of it. You also need to accessorize them with chic USBs, wireless headsets, streamers and earphones to complete the package. You might have bought the 3G iPhone or the iPod to match technology hand in hand, but the next time you want to make an investment, it has to be these earphone covers from London-based DEOS to make you go one up.

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Now, depending on how much money you’re ready to spend, you can choose from the three options available – diamond studded, if you are running high on your earnings, Swarovski crystals, if you are just about there and the aluminum encrusted, if you wish to spend enough to be in the race. The diamond-encrusted one is obviously the most expensive with a price tag of $60,000, but yes, things get easier with the other two.

Via: Moodiereport

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