East sister rock Florida island up for sale
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East sister rock Florida island up for sale

East sister rock Florida island up for sale

Located within 1/4th of a mile of the shore of Marathon, Florida Keys, the East Sister Rock Island is Retin-A online where to buy dapoxetine online safely . men's health. free online medical consultations, guaranteed shipping, general health. a perfect place for the islander and beach loving holiday maker. From having a private yet well connected lodging house, there are ample opportunities for simply soaking in the sun, indulging in water sports, or having one’s own private beach party with friends and folks. Since it’s away from the mainland location, it gets nature’s best 360-degree views and gifts associated with living in an eco-friendly space. Due to its unique location easily reachable by boat or short trips by air, one can always hop for a shopping trip or eating binge in the mainland nearby.

East Sister Rock Island

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Location & Setting: Located conveniently within 1/4th of a mile of Marathon, Florida Keys, the East Rock Island stands as an independent property, covering well over 5,000 sq feet of space including surrounding greenery and common areas, and offers a 360 degree view of the scenery of the coastal area. A few minutes on the 21-feet Carolina Skiff boat which is a part of the sale, and one is in the thick of a bustling shopping district, or even a short race within the fixed parameters of the coast line and snorkeling is something very easily enjoyable. On the Island is a 5,000+ sq ft area of living space in the form of the villa, which also includes the its private pool, living area, open air dining space, vast verandahs, along with 3 bedrooms for accommodating 9 guests at a time. Due to the 19 glass doors on the villa’s outer wall, the coastline never really goes out of sight, giving nature lovers their ultimate treat.

East Sister Rock Island Villa living room

Accommodation: The main accommodation area is covered up by the villa, which has its own swimming, helicopter pad, and even boat dock, apart from other amenities. Built in 1980, the designing of the house includes eco-friendly low energy consuming mechanisms, for making it apt for a location of this kind. There are 3 large bedrooms in there, which can accommodate 9 guests at a time, apart from living space, dining space, and bay area which can be used for water-sports activities. Inside the villa, one will notice extensive use of treated wood in the ceilings, flooring, as well as the wall linings and furniture. Especially in the bedroom, one would notice detailed ornamented furniture such as the bed, which has classical themed upholstery on it. Barring this, the decoration and theme inside the house bears a mark of simplicity of living, which could actually be a soothing element from everyday concrete jungle life of the cities.

Facts & Figures:

· The villa takes up most of the island space, totaling more than 5,000 sq ft of space. However, the living space is around 2,500 sq ft apart from the surrounding area of the house.

· This island can also be hired for $5,000 per week by holiday makers.

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· Construction of the villa dates back to 1980.

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· The island is located within 1/4th miles of the Marathon area, in Florida Keys. Hence, taking short trips to mainland is rather easy and convenient.

Contact: Marvin Arrieta

Century 21 order Premarin Premier Elite Realty

Phone No.: 305-609-5719

Email: msarrieta@msn.com

East Sister Rock Island Villa surrounding view

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