eBay to auction world’s only twin jet-engine bike by Harley Davidson

Andrea Divirgilio / November 10, 2011

Harley Davidson twin jet engine bike

Earlier this year, we saw a Ferrari F430 go under the hammer at eBay, and once again, a rare automobile is going ride the same path. What is known as the world’s only twin-jet engine bike, made by Harley Davidson, will now go up for auction on eBay. This auction should impose the reputation of eBay motors which is now seeing a surge of transactions where cars and bikes of such novelty value, are being sold through this particular channel.

Years before, this particular masterpiece from Harley Davidson was created as an exclusive model for a customer, by designer Robert Maddox. The aim of creating this special edition was created a 2 wheeler which could cross the 200 m/ph speed barrier, but in due course of time, the bike was never really taken over by the customer. Hence, this exclusive model is going up for sale on eBay, where the highest bidder will win it much to everyone’s envy. It doesn’t have an elaborate history to look at, but on the designing front, the ideation came from the 1929 flat track racer made by Harley. Using the iconic chassis design and configuration, the bike was given the first and only twin jet-engine configuration, which made it more powerful with the ability to touch the 200 m/ph speed barrier. But why or how the sale did not go through, is still not known but many believe that the owner had to back out at the last hour.

Harley Davidson twin jet engine bike

By the looks, there is little to describe in words for the sporty, low down chassis. The red color along with the Harley Davidson branding on the fuel tank, adds to the vintage charm of the bike. The current bidding point on eBay is $25,000 but looking at the exclusivity, it just might jump higher. Also, bike freaks could take a look at another special Harley, with the Evisu 20th anniversary edition. Somehow, they never seem to leave you without claiming oodles of admiration from auto lovers worldwide.

Harley Davidson twin jet engine bike

Via: Autoblog/eBay/The Knee Slider

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