ECCO’s limited edition golf shoes are a style statement for your feet

Andrea Divirgilio / November 24, 2009

eccoshoe crockodile skin

For those who start their style statement from the feet, ECCO offers the Premium 109 collection, handmade from crocodile skin shoes. These limited edition crocodile skin golf shoes are individually crafted and made-to-order by highly skilled artisans at company-owned facilities using unique production technologies and professional expertise. These heart-thumpingly handsome shoes are accompanied by a distinctive collector’s accessory package which includes a crocodile leather luggage tag made from the exact same hand-selected hides used to make the shoes, a platinum plate with the player’s name and shoe edition number, cedar shoe trees and a gold-colored silk shoe bag. Priced at $3300, the shoes are available at only a handful of elite golf clubs worldwide.

Via: Golf 365

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