Edible chocolate gowns are from the real-life Chocolate Factory
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Edible chocolate gowns are from the real-life Chocolate Factory

Edible chocolate gowns are from the real-life Chocolate Factory

Dress made of chocolate at a Salon du Chocolat

We have earlier told you about world's most expensive chocolates, but what could probably surprise the chocoholics even more is an edible chocolate gown. Yes! For those who are not just content with taking a luxurious chocolate dip to pamper their body, chocolate connoisseurs can even dress-up in chocolate couture, like never before. Everybody loves pampering their sweet tooth with chocolaty treats. The Fashionistas in the size-zero world today might not ever reveal their love for buy Lamisil online the chocolates, but the fashion world, however, watched mesmerized as ultra thin models walked the ramp dressed from head to toe in the calorie high food recently.

Edible Chocolate Haute Couture Creations

In what can be regarded as the ultimate tribute to chocolates, Salon du Chocolat gave the cocoa mass a new meaning. The annual event dedicated solely and exclusively to chocolates, in its Zurich edition, brought couture made from, well, chocolates. The mouthwatering creations appeared to have been inspired by the Academy award winning movie Black Swan.

Salon du Chocolat

The organizers could not have found themselves a better location to host the show. Zurich, known for its mouthwatering chocolate varieties, gave people another chocolaty reason to visit her. At the three day long show, invitees and visitors were treated to unique creations by world famous pastry chefs and choclatiers. To make things all the buy Indocin online more exciting, a model’s body was smeared with white chocolate straight out of a pasty tube.

Chocolate couture

The show, however, wasn’t entirely a cake walk for the organizers and designers. The melting point for chocolate is something around 33 degrees Celsius. The human body temperature, on the other hand, stands at 37 degree Celsius. Hence, the team had to work hard to figure out ways of raising the melting dapoxetine purchase / dapoxetine online / buy dapoxetine / priligy canada : medicated herbal remedies used to slow circulation throughout the activity of these  temperature.

Difficult task

The Salon du Chocolat, however, is not the only place where designers decided to play it different with chocolates. In a recent event buy fluoxetine; online new zealand pharmacy. cheap, generic & brand version ( otc and online doctor available). licensed & established for over 30 years,  held at Portugal, models flaunted dresses made of chocolates.

simple tunic with an intricate chocolate design

So what did the organizers of Salon du Chocolat primarily aim at in showcasing their chocolate designs? According to the Salon’s founder, the idea was to show that choclatiers as artists were just as worthy as fashion designers. Well, all we can say is, the designs did certainly prove that the creators were every inch worth their weight in gold or probably, chocolates! buy Ventolin

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Dress made of chocolate at a Salon du Chocolat

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