Eduardo Saverin

Net Worth :$ 2 Billion
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Born on: 1st Jan 70
Born in: Singapore
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Enterpreneur, VC

Born to a wealthy Brazilian Jewish Family, Eduardo Saverin was a friend of Mark Zuckerberg, who helped him in co-founding Facebook, through financial support. In the intial days of Facebook, Eduardo held the position of CFO. However, due to differences in opinion with Mark, he was later virtually routed out of the company.  He has been facing the heat recently for denouncing his US citizenship to save around $60 million in taxes. Talks are on to prohibit his future entry on American soil.

Saverin was immortalized in the movie The Social Network as Zuckerberg's onetime best friend. In September last year he renounced his US citizenship to avoid paying more US taxes after the Facebook IPO. Saverin now stays in his new home in Singapore.

Eduardo was the original co-founder of the social networking site and he initially contributed $1,000 but later increased it to $10,000. As per first agreement Saverin was entitled to 30%pay from Facebook but after new partners joined the project, a new set of corporate by-laws were formed. As per new terms, Saverin was to get 34.4%. After restructuring of the corporation Facebook gained more investors and Saverin's share was diluted to 10% which led to the end of business relationship. He filed lawsuit against Facebook and settled the same in 2009 for an undisclosed amount. Eduardo had a keen sense of business and at Harvard University he was the President of the Harvard Investment Association. He made a small fortune of $300,000 which he earned from investments in the oil industry. From Facebook he amassed a personal fortune of $2 billion. 

Eduardo now lives in Singapore and has become notorious for living a playboy like lifestyle. He buys bottles of champagne at the most exclusive clubs in the country and in the company of super models and rich people. He drives a Bentley and lives in a penthouse suite in one of the poshest buildings of the city - The Sail @ Marina Bay. He hangs out regularly in a private club at the Conrad Hotel. He has also invested in a start up cosmetics company run by former Miss Singapore, Rachel Kum. He also invested a huge amount of money in information site Qwiki and Jumio, the online payment service.

Eduardo was born in Sao Paulo in a wealthy Brazilian family. He was raised in Miami where he attended Gulliver Preparatory School for early education. He later went to the Harvard University and became the President of the Harvard Investment Association. He is living in Singapore since 2009. In September 2011 he renounced his US citizenship to escape high capital gains taxes. However, there is an outside chance that he may not be permitted to enter US again in the future if the proposed Ex-Patriot Act becomes a law.

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