Electrolux’s futuristic kitchen workstation for the silver generation

Andrea Divirgilio / April 12, 2010

glide electorlux
After the ‘”Heart of the Home” kitchen of the future, another Electrolux kitchen concept that’s in line with the hi-tech standards of the futuristic kitchen is the kitchen workstation, an Electrolux & G60 project for the silver generation. “GLiDE,” the concept designed by DIY (Terrence Teo, Kong Wen Da, Chong Hock Liang Nicholas, Chua Li Ping, Jasmine) aims to reduce movement required in the kitchen by providing key functions on panels that glide around the top of the kitchen work space to facilitate convenient cooking for the 60-plus generation. Besides the flexible arrangement of the key panels, the workstation easy access and viewing of the cooking food and is very easy to clean with an automatic drain feature that enables all spilled fluids to flow into a special drain.

kitchen workstation1
The Kitchen workstation has five main components: organic waste bin, basin, an elevated oven, worktop and induction cooker. The worktop and induction cooker can glide around on top of the three other portions and the users have the option of arranging the workstation with only those functions they need to maximize workspace. And the elegant design means that you are free to place it anywhere you like, even in the living room.

kitchen workstation2

Via: Electrolux Silver/Coroflot

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