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Electrolux Most Expensive Kitchen Range sells for $100,000

Andrea Divirgilio / September 20, 2012

Breakthrough into a completely new product category, Electrolux Grand Cuisine is one of the world’s most expensive kitchens at a price of up to £250,000 ($405, 225). The ultra-luxury kitchen range by the world’s second-biggest appliance maker Electrolux, brings professional cooking systems used in Michelin starred kitchens to the world’s most exclusive homes. Geared towards a market for wealthy food enthusiasts who want to enjoy professional equipment in their homes, this Swedish appliance manufacturer has introduced an iconic French style cooking stove, the Molteni Range Cooker. Built to order and the choice of the world’s most demanding chefs, this ultimate bespoke range cooker comes with as many features an amateur chef could ever want, or desire of, including a Combination Oven, the Blast Chiller, the Precision Vacuum Sealer, and even a Stand Mixer.

Electrolux Most Expensive Kitchen Range sells for $100,000

Notably, no two Molteni stoves will be alike, as each is built to suit the cooking style of its chef. Built to last a lifetime, or longer, the Molteni Range Cooker comes with as many options including different sizes, materials and colors. For instance, buyer have the option to choose an electric solid top, a gas solid top, hot cupboard, fryer, fry top, hot surface, induction, gas burner, and gas or electric static oven.

Molteni Range Cooker

Further, if an individual likes to work with a French top, the Molteni will then feature a thick cast iron plate that graduates in temperature from cool to hot across its span. Built on a grand scale, this stove whose oven door alone weighs 40 kilograms, work in harmony with other Grand Cuisine components.

Known as the choice of hundreds of restaurants around the world, Molteni is now increasingly chosen by home chefs seeking a hand-crafted stove as focus of their homes.

Electrolux Most Expensive Kitchen Range sells for $100,000

However, Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances range comprises of a total of nine products, including a Combination Oven, the Blast Chiller, the Precision Vacuum Sealer, the Induction Zone, the Gas Hob, Sear Hob, Ventilation Systems and even a Stand Mixer.

The cooking system is bespoke and can be handcrafted according to buyer’s requirement. Starting price of full range is $103,000 (80,000 Euros), which excludes Molteni stove which starts at price of $27,200 and rises as high as $206,000.

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