Elegance Personified: Teuco Swarovski studded bathtub

Andrea Divirgilio / October 8, 2008

teuco swarovski bathtub image1 TW2nA 59

Bathtubs aren’t about ample space and inviting water anymore—it has more to do with flaunting style than just usability. Imagine entering a bathroom with a Swarovski-crystal-studded bathtub. You would give it a real glare before sinking in. The next thing you would do is to go inquiring about the maker, but you would be disgusted not to find any relevant information anywhere. It is here where our information would turn valuable, for only we would tell you that it is the Teuco Swarovski Bathtub that will not be found in any of those windows on the high-end streets. You could only have them made to order from the people over Teuco, for a “hopefully” shrieking price. All this apart, we still do not think that the pricing would pose any serious threat to that of the Teti Malachite Baldi Bathtub.

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Via: Trendir

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