Elegant Ricor’s wooden bike for a luxurious ride

Andrea Divirgilio / July 26, 2011

Elegant Ricor’s wooden bike for a luxurious ride

Seeing the escalating price of fuel, people have taken a way of pedal-power that is a suitable substitute for that, and if you think bicycles are just for the people who cannot afford a car then you must go through the luxury bicycles like KGS Bikes, Renovo r4 pursuit or Art-Veil bike.The latest addition to this elegant and luxurious ride is Ricor’s excellent looking wooden bike.

Ricor’s wooden paddle power is inspired by a latest technology called Olympus which uses a compressed wood material and is robust than engineered plastics. The technology uses three-dimensional compression molding process for wooden materials making the product long lasting. The material used in it gives a feel of natural wood and the frame is made of with the use of organic constitution to highlight the astonishing intensity and elasticity of compressed wooden material.

The bike itself looks so elegant that it does not need any color spray to make it attractive. So, the bike is for those who want to experience an unforgettable journey of paddles without harming the environment.

Via: Cycle Exif/Inverse Live

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