Elipson Soundtree Speakers shade your music with spherical fruit speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / August 13, 2011

Elipson Soundtree Speakers

Elipson isn’t new to the idea of creating sound devices par excellence, not just for sound quality but also unique designs. We saw that earlier in their Planet L speakers and also their music center with the sound-tree concept. Similar in structural concept but distinct in concept otherwise is the new sound-tree with fruit speakers, which distributes sound through the hanging units from your ceiling.

Built originally for convivial shaped spaces, these latest speakers from Elipson have the dynamicity to be fitted perfect well in spaces of any size or shape, including large dining halls or even your personal music rooms. Designed by the team of Maurizio Galante, Tal Lancman and Jean Yves Le Porcher, this set provides a major flexibility of customization options and easy movement of speakers to areas as per choice. Where you would desire lesser amount of sound, the number of fruit speakers can be hung in lesser numbers, and opposite for the areas for a higher demand of sound which gives you sound distribution as per your choice. Also, there is an additional choice of taking a set of 6 or 12 speakers apart from the main trunk speaker, in accordance to the size of your space.

Speaking of technicalities, the main trunk speaker includes an 8” driver sub-woofer meant for low frequencies. The structural built is an MDF design, whereas the external surface finishing is done up with red lacquer. This speaker weighs 25 kgs in weight. The ‘fruit’ speakers are spherical in shape and meant for medium and high frequency sound, hence have been given the flexibility of the branched design capable of being fitted anywhere on your ceiling. Also included are the 4-inch coaxial drivers and each unit has 30W of power capacity. Each fruit structure is made of fiber glass with re-enforced resin, mesh grill and a metal ring. The individual weight for these is 2.5 kg and can be taken in numbers of 6 or 12, depending upon your space. The total set for these high couture speakers shall cost you around $20,664.

Via: On Mag/ Elipson

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