Elvis Presley’s memorabilia sale marks the legend’s 35th death anniversary
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Elvis Presley’s memorabilia sale marks the legend’s 35th death anniversary

Elvis Presley’s memorabilia sale marks the legend’s 35th death anniversary

After 35 years the King of ‘Rock and Roll’ lives on. A cultural icon, Elvis Aaron Presley is certainly a supreme figure in American life who acted as a catalyst for the rock and roll cultural revolution, and defined it as not only a musical genre but made it a touchstone of youth culture and rebellious attitude. Even after 35 years of his death on August 16th 1977, there’s no end to star's magnum opus status and manages the same craze for himself. And, it becomes apparent from the multi-thousand fans flocking to a candlelight vigil at Elvis Presley’s mansion to mark his 35th death anniversary and with the sale of a pair of Elvis Presley’s Tiger Man’ sunglasses that were sold as top lot in Heritage Auctions’ dedicated sale on August 14th in Memphis for $22,000. Also, we have earlier seen the endless number of Elvis Presley memorabilia on sale, including Presley’s 24-carat gold piano, the Elvis Presley Mercedes-Benz, Presley's crypt dubbed as weird celebrity memorabilia, to a lock of his hairs, which remains one of the most bizarre celebrity collectibles till date, to name a few.

Elvis Presley's memorabilia auction marks the legend's 35th death anniversary

Elvis Presley wore these sunglasses onstage during three shows in 1974, which includes his performances at the Hilton in Las Vegas, Indianapolis and Dayton, Ohio. Soaring above their estimated sales price of $16,000+, the ‘Tiger man’ sunglasses got sold for $22,000, achieving an impressive 37% increase.

Elvis Presley's Tiger Man sunglasses

The pair of sunglasses was sold complete with certificates of authenticity from Artie Dadyan, who stated that Elvis would often bring in glasses for repairs at Optique Boutique, and use to get a replacement of the same. Over the years, many pairs of glasses made by Artie Dadyan, and his employer Dennis Roberts had several pair at any given time. These glasses were then left in the repair box and never got picked back up.

Out of over 300 lots intimately connected with the King offered at the sale; a Elvis Presley Signed Humes High School Library Card (1948) is the oldest "autograph" of the King (featured below, bottom right), a1960s dark dress jacket crafted by Sy Devore brought $12,500, a gray trench coat (featured below) from Lansky Brother of Memphis fetched $12,188.

Elvis presley collectibles

Another high price was realized for a standing 6-foot high 1956 advertising figure from “Love Me Tender”, which soared past a $1,250 starting bid and fetched $20,000. Also, an empty pill bottle (featured top right above) prescribed to "The King" is expected is getting as much as $5,500 in bids. A 1973 Giannini Craviola acoustic guitar owned by Presley fetched a handsome $18,125.

Notably, Elvis Presley's watch which fetched 24K is also one of the most expensive celebrity memorabilia.

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