Emerald Physics debuts CS3 loudspeakers at AKfest

Andrea Divirgilio / May 4, 2009

cs3 speakers

While the new CS3 loudspeaker by Emerald Physics is not as expensive as the range of luxury speakers we’ve covered earlier, it surely impresses me with the striking form factor. The CS3 had its world premiere at AKfest on 2nd of May. The 2-way point source design employs the company’s new 12-inch point source driver with compression tweeter. This high efficiency coaxial design creates the realism in a smaller, less expensive package. Even for a low price as compared to the CS1 and CS2 models, they haven’t compromised on sound quality. The controlled directivity technology minimizes interaction between the speaker and the listening room to allow you to hear the recording as it was meant to be heard. Emerald Physics’ CS3 loudspeaker with the standard black wood finish comes for $2,995, and if you opt for mahogany, cherry or maple finish, it will run you $3,295.

Via: Emerald Physics

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