Emirates Executive: The Luxury Jet Flight

Britney Scott / August 14, 2013

The popular Emirates  airline, based in Dubai has now come out with a luxury private jet service to cater to the wealthy customers who wish to fly privately at any time they wish to choose.

This new luxury jet flight by the Emirates is rightly named ‘Emirates Executive’, this airline can accompany 19 passengers in the most comfortable and extravagant fashion. This private airline is not limited to destinations, as it will fly to most places around the world.  The reason behind introducing this new jet charter service as stated by Adnan Kazim, divisional senior vice president of planning, aeropolitical and industry affairs:  “We have seen an increasing demand in the private travel segment, especially in the Middle East and Europe as well as in markets such as India, Russia and China, and with Emirates Executive and the launch of its website, we are looking to tap into this niche market with the high-quality of service and attention to detail associated with Emirates.”

This lavish jet service will be utilizing the Airbus 319 airliner, set with all the luxuries one would want during a flight.  The aircraft is basically divided into two main sections with one serving as the dining area as well as the executive lounge that is spacious enough to accommodate 12 passengers.  This area would also have a rest zone and a work space with two big sofas along with four mechanically-operated tables and two 42 inch HD LCD monitors.  There are additional provisions in case a meeting is to be conducted that includes high speed internet, video-conferencing devices as well as cellular phone connectivity.

The second area of the aircraft would comprise of ten private suites that feature chairs that recline for a comfortable rest, as well as a 32-inch HD LCD screen in each room.  The aircraft would be handled by a team of dedicated and highly experienced ground staff and in-flight cabin crew.

Another swanky feature of the private aircraft is the ‘Shower Spa’ that has a high-end shower system that features heated flooring.  Apart from that, the jet also has complete catering facilities as well.  The passengers would be provided a personalized service that comprises of premium chauffeur service and the facility to book the aircraft at a short notice.

This posh service can now be booked through the Emirates Executive website and the prices of the fares would be provided when applying for booking.  The legacy of the unique Emirates service is undoubtedly bound to increase with this new service which would be an extension of their present airline services.  With the launch of the Emirates Executive, the airlines industry would witness a premier service that will be able to command a premium from customers who seek an unparalleled traveling experience with the state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge design and innovation.

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