Emirates to introduce shisha lounges aboard its A380 fleet for business and first class passengers

Andrea Divirgilio / May 15, 2013

For the well paid traveler across continents, the loyalty factor to a brand depends upon the quality and innovation in service. One such brand that has repeatedly innovated in one way or the other to pamper it’s elite customers, in Emirates Airlines. In the past, they have introduced shower spas and massage seats as part of their offerings for first class and business class passengers. Now for those who like lighting up once in awhile, there will now be separate shisha lounges on their Airbus A380 aircrafts. The Dubai based airlines, known for it’s luxurious long haul flight services across the globe, is targeting to start the service by June this year, and the entire range of flights by the end of 2013.

Emirates Airlines is looking to offer shisha lounge services on board their Airbus A380 aircrafts

According to officials in Emirates Airlines, the premium set of customers have actually been asking for such a service, where they could light up while flying on-board. Typically the Middle-Eastern customers, for whom these are lifestyle habits, would be more comfortable on their long haul flights across continents. Also, those fliers who are new to the Middle East, and are looking to experience a part of the Arabian lifestyle, get to sample it first hand.

According to the details available, the flyers can order the shisha from their seats, after which could eventually relax in the lounge after a heavy meal. With flexibility, they perhaps could do it in another order too. However, some sources in the media also say that this could be rumor, and that Emirates has not changed it’s policy of allowing any smoking on board it’s aircrafts.

Via: Pan Arabia Enquirer

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