En & Is megaphones with iPod integration boasts 24kt gold finish

Andrea Divirgilio / November 7, 2011

EN & IS megaphone iPod amplifier

Despite all modernizations in the tech-world, it seems that some of the old world charm is returning back, in some modernized avatar. Designing duo Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero of the En & Is fame, have put in their latest streak of creativity in the iPod megaphones, currently on the market in 3 different color options; white, black and gold finished. This ceramic amplifier series created in person individually comes with the iPod integration to combine the old world charm, and modern technology.

Unlike most amplifiers in the market today, these amplifiers interestingly, do not use any electricity. The multiple stage construction (pictured below) ensures the horn like shape, which an opening for iPod at its top end. When fitted and the audio put on, the unique shape of the megaphone acts as an enhancer of the sound, by amplifying these sound inputs. On a detailed study, one can notice the multiple stage construction (pictured below) which shows each unit being put together by hand, part by part, and using high grade machinery by master Italian craftsmen to create the perfect product. The finishing, which includes the 24-kt gold version, black and white finishes, are multiple coatings of the color sprayed on the megaphone, to gain that perfectly smooth and high-gloss exterior. In case of the gold plated version, the precious metal is heated to an extremely high temperature, before being sprayed on the body of the amplifier. The basic shaping and construction however, remains a job done by hand after long hours of manual labor put into it.

EN & IS megaphone iPod amplifier

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Via: Design Boom

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