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Engage Unity home theater system completes your entertainment experience

Andrea Divirgilio / January 16, 2012

After seeing the Ferguson Hill acrylic home theater system, we were just about relaxing for the time being about innovations taking a back gear before the next innovation steps in. But recently, we were again taken aback for our predictions with the new Engage Unity home theater system. Sleekness and advanced controls in design are the primary highlights, as one would witness the multi-media device convergence within a comparatively smaller area and a single consolidated electronic pedestal. Whether it’s the high definition flat Screen TV or the audio system, the whole unit comprises of a single solid unit, reducing space required for equipment and also making your AAV space a pleasant one to see.

Engage Unity Home Theater System

When we looked up the company’s (In2 Technologies) history, we were informed that they are relatively young, and what they have produced, certainly depicts what the older electronics giant have been traditionally doing. As for the whole equipment, one sees this sleek and rather simple unit with base floor plate, the controlling central unit, and a top flat pedestal surface. Designed to hold screens and TV sets of up to 60-inches in width, the central console unit below comprises of the Blue-ray disk reader with 5.1 Dolby digital sound amplifier and speaker system. With help of very little of physical gadgetry (single wire connecting TV and disk player), there are numerous other functionalities that buyers could use at the same time. They include the other single wire HDMI port and also the iPod and iPhone dock, all of which don’t appear prominently, but can be noticed once scrutinized closely.

The last but certainly not the least, there is also the remote control through which all the functions can be overlooked from a distance. Hence, if you have a limited interior space with an inclination towards minimalistic modern day gadgets, the Engage Unity Home Theater would fit your bill almost perfectly. Just be prepared to shell out $999 and wait till mid-2012, to give your entertainment space some much needed modern sleekness. But unlike the Ferguson Hill set, you might not have to prepare for a larger splurge on home theater equipment.

Via: In2 Technologies/ Ecoustics

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