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Enjoy the harmonic richness with Vintage iPod Tube Amp/Charger

Andrea Divirgilio / January 5, 2008

vintage ipod tube ampcharger

For just $799, you could own Fender, Marshall and Vox’s Vintage iPod Tube Amp/Charger. This black stylish iPod amplifier/charger allows you to enjoy your playlists with the warmth and richness, which only a vintage tube amplifier can deliver. Although, the solid-state electronics have replaced tubes in most of the audio applications, many professional guitarists, from rock to country, continue to use tube amplifiers. The product’s pre-amp tube circuitry can reveal the subtle detail of brushes on a snare drum, or the sonic thunder of a Fender Precision Bass striking that low ‘E.’ Rugged steel chassis finished in gloss piano black includes massive power transformer, and 3 multi-plate vacuum tubes protected in a removable, ventilated cage. Optional speakers can be had in the matching glossy black finish. I always had a thing for tube amps and this Vintage iPod Tube Amp/Charger with a cool blend of old and new tech is simply awesome.

via GeekAlerts

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