Enzo Ferrari’s Iconic Prancing Horse “Cavallino Rampante” sculpture for auction at Monterey

Andrea Divirgilio / August 7, 2012

Some of the noted automaker’s logos are fairly straightforward, while some have a story behind to them. And, the legendary Ferrari Cavallino Rampante or ‘Prancing Horse’; one of the world’s most recognized symbols that became synonymous with Ferrari was originated back on 17 June 1923. Ferrari’s founder Enzo Ferrari was then suggested by Countess Paolina to use the painted horse symbol which was used by his son Count Francesco Baracca, an ace of Italian air force and WW1 national hero on the side of his planes, on his cars for luck. Since 1929, Ferrari has used the Cavallino Rampante on official company stationary, and, since the Spa 24 Hours in 1932, the prancing horse has been uses on Alfa Romeos raced Scuderia Ferrari. Now, Enzo Ferrari’s iconic Prancing Horse sculpture, the only original one in existence and the most important pieces of Ferrari memorabilia, will be auctioned without reserve as part of the 12th Annual Sports and Muscle Monterey Auction event on 16-18 August, 2012.

Enzo Ferrari's Iconic Prancing Horse “Cavallino Rampante” Sculpture

The original ‘prancing horse’ on the planes of Count Francesco Baracca was painted in red on a white cloud-like shape, but Ferrari chose to have the horse in black and added canary yellow background as that was the color of the city of Modena his birthplace.

Enzo Ferrari's Iconic Prancing Horse “Cavallino Rampante” Sculpture

Historically, in the late 1960’s a large wooden sculpture of the Ferrari’s trademark Prancing Horse was presented to Enzo Ferrari, and he used it to decorate his personal office space at Ferrari’s historic Fiorano circuit. Further, the black Prancing Horse was also prominently featured in photos and in an exclusive video of Enzo Ferrari’s interview along with his son Piero. At one point of time, it was that two of the examples were in existence, but was later confirmed by person close to Enzo that there was only one.

Enzo Ferrari's Iconic Prancing Horse “Cavallino Rampante” Sculpture

Notably, prior to Enzo Ferrari’s death in 1988, the iconic sculpture was gifted by him to Jacques Awaters, a noted Belgian race driver and owner of first Ferrari dealership known as one of Enzo’s few personal friends.

Also, watch more about Enzo Ferrari’s Prancing Horse in this video.

UPDATE: Enzo Ferrari’s Prancing Horse sculpture sold for $86,250.

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