Epitaph Cruiser bicycle with four wheels costs $2,950

Andrea Divirgilio / July 21, 2011

Epitaph Cruiser bicycle with four wheels costs $2,950

If you think uber-class is just restricted to expensive cars, then you must know about the high-end bicycles that the opulent people are in love with. Seeing the escalating fuel prices, almost everyone is giving a thought of riding a bicycle at least for short distances. As we have already told you about some of the super expensive bicycles like KGS Bikes, PiCycle or some of the world’s most expensive bicycles, yet again a premium bicycle has been created with four wheels called Epitaph Cruiser by Autum.

Yes, bicycle with four wheels: that is the special attention of this bike. This is a limited edition bike as just 12 are being created. Epitaph Cruiser has fitted special wheels that house four tires. It gives the bicycle a weird powerfully built look as it is made of strong looking steel frame finished with black powder coat. This USA made bike has a nicely handcrafted pure leather seat and the handles, frame insert is also made of aged leather.

The Epitaph Cruiser features a coaster brake with a dual front that makes the bicycle even stronger. The rare tires are mounted on custom-made alloy rims and each seat has a laser imprinted Roman numerals on it to identify the serial number of the particular bike. This plush–looking hand crafted bike looks incredible and costs whopping $2,950, after all it’s a pedal power for the rich!

Via: Uncrate/Gear Junkie/Autum Shere

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