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Ergonomic GymyGym exercise chair for the office executives

Andrea Divirgilio / December 3, 2010

gymgym exercise chair
Here comes the latest entrant into the family of best ergonomic chairs for the office executives. GymyGym, a company recently launched by college student and entrepreneur Adam Ben-David, has announced its new multi-patented executive chair to the U.S. market for the betterment of the American workforce. The innovative chair combines two patented technologies, a contour-forming seating-structure with a full-body strengthening and conditioning fitness system. Designed with an aim to refashion the existing workspace, the GymyGym exercise chair features four integrated exercise stations that allows the users to exercise all parts of their body while sitting at their workstations. Ben-David said…

I want to support the American worker in transforming their lives by increasing their physical and mental health, self-image, fitness and creativity. GymyGym delivers a customizable, full-spectrum fitness solution within a powerful seating system.

He further says that the GymGym is the world’s first ergonomic exercise chair designed for our modern lives. Designed around patented resistance band technology, the GymyGym enables 16 core exercises to strengthen and stretch all major muscle groups. It boasts a patented flat-bungee seating system, which adapts itself to the body of the user to offer personalized support. The chair helps the employees sit in the correct posture comfortably throughout the day.

The chairs, meant to enhance your efficiency and offer unmatched new levels of comfort and support, are made using from 95 percent recycled materials and are available in three enticing colors. The GymyGym exercise chair comes for $599.

Via: PRWeb

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