Ergonomically designed ‘Discovery Carbon fiber backpack’ makes a fashionable statement

Andrea Divirgilio / May 24, 2010

discovery carbon fiber backpack 1

Backpacks are seen as nothing more than stuffed lousy pouches hung on the back while on the go. After the G3 Carbon Fiber briefcase for stylish executives, Nikola Knezevic is all set to earn an entirely new reputation for backpacks with his Shuttle series of hard backpacks. The marvelous backpack is made of carbon fiber, which lends it the required strength and durability to carry fragile equipment over long distances without any damage incurred. Apart from the visual strength, the ergonomic design not only makes a fashion statement but also ensures that the backpacker experiences absolute comfort and ease during mobility. The entire series has four backpacks of which work on the two named after famous space shuttles – Discovery and Endeavour, has already been finished. The Discovery Carbon fiber backpack is priced between US $2,725 to US $3,467.

Thanks Nicole Knezevic!

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