Eric Clapton says there’s nothing more precious in the world of Ferrari than having built you own version of Ferrari

Andrea Divirgilio / October 22, 2012

The super rich car owners have a penchant for custom cars. Elite auto lover loves to customize their luxury cars to match their discerning taste. Then there are those who can afford to drive around in a custom ferrari like the legendary guitarist Eric Clapton. The man who is known for adding a collectible stature to the cars he drive, even if it is a custom ferrari. After recently collecting the specially designed ‘one-off’ Ferrari SP 12 EC, the rock ‘n’ roll icon, the greatest living guitarist of all time, and the only person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, the legendary Eric Clapton says, ‘there’s nothing more precious in the world of Ferrari than having the opportunity to create and built your own version of Ferrari.” For the SP 12 EC, two renowned powers, one in the world of music ‘Eric Clapton’ and other in the world of supercars ‘Ferrari’ have combined their forces to craft a car powerful enough to bring a busy London street to a halt, and as the world spreads, tip the internet towards meltdown. The creation of an one-off Ferrari under the special project ‘SP’ division is in some ways creating like a concept car, which is developed with the same design rigor Ferrari manufacturers apply to their production cars.

Eric Clapton stand along with his Ferrari

Eric Clapton in his Ferrari

The legends association with the Ferrari goes back in 1969, when an afternoon George Harrison visited his house in his Ferrari 365 GTC, and Clapton really got amazed to see the most beautiful thing in life. And, now Clapton has contributed to the Ferrari mythology in the most profound way possible, by creating his very own Ferrari, the SP 12 EC.

Eric Clapton in his red color Ferrari

Working with Ferrari’s Design Centre under the watchful eye of Director Flavio Manzoni and a team at Pininfarina, the SP12 EC takes the Special Project division’s output into double figures.

Ferrari tale lights

The SP 12 EC is certainly the reflection of Clapton’s way of looking at things, and his automotive taste. This one-off Ferrari is actually a homage to the Ferrari BB 512i, a car with which the guitarist had the best time.

Ferrari head lights

The flashes of BB 512i that once saved Clapton’s life in an accident, can be easily seen in his new one-off, most notably in the engine cover and rear three-quarters.

Eric Clapton's new Ferrari

Notably, the SP 12 EC boasts of Clapton’s highly developed design aesthetics and legendary perfectionism.

Ferrari in workstation

Speaking about the Ferrari’s iconic ‘Tailor-made project’ that allows customers to personalize fully their Ferrari to their individual and sometimes rather unexpected tastes, it actually brings together the best of Italian expertise in design, leather and textile, including fine wool, even cashmere for the interiors and flooring.

Eric Clapton says there is nothing more precious in the world of Ferrari than having a Ferrari custom built

The creation of a Tailor-made Ferrari involves various processes that varies according to the concept of the car in the question. But, the one constant is the excellence of the Italian raw materials, as Ferrari insists on using the best of its native country’s fabrics.

Ferrari interiors

And, the Tailor-made FF that was shown off to the world’s press boasted the very same pinstripe material that is worn by both Prince Charles and the Duke of Kent. The fabric is created by Vitale Barberis Canonico, the traditional Piedmont firm that has dressed a discerning international clientele for 400 years.

Eric Clapton says there is nothing more precious in the world of Ferrari than having a Ferrari custom built

Interestingly, on the request of their clients, Ferrari also change the interiors fabric from one season to the next. Cars that follow fashion, in other words. Unthinkable, until now.

The other custom ferraris includes the one-off Ferrari 599 GTO ‘SP Arya’ especially built by Ferrari for Dubai-based Indian businessman Cheerag Arya, who’s the eighth person to join the list of ultra-exclusive ‘SP’ edition Ferrari owners, after Eric Clapton and New York property magnate Peter Kalikov who got himself built the one-off Ferrari Superamerica 45.

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Via: FerrariMag

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