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Eric Clapton Net Worth

United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 250 Million
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Born on: 1st Jan 70 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Guitarist,Songwriter
Eric Clapton net worth is estimated at $250 million. Rock and blues guitarist and songwriter for bands such as Cream and the Yardbirds, Eric Clapton was one of the most popular guitarists of his time. At an early age he gave up his art education to focus on music and joined his first band at 17, a step which became crucial to Eric Clapton net worth. From then onwards there was no stopping him. Clapton made it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, a feat no one else has ever accomplished. With hits such as 'Layla' and 'I Shot the Sheriff', he bagged seventeen Grammies over a career spanning over 40 years, and earned a CBE in 2004 for his work. Clapton continues to tour today, and has great influence on many of the best bands in the music scene today. Eric Clapton net worth 250 million in assets include his holding company Marshbrooks Limited, which is believed to have made him £138m over the past twenty years. His property assets include his properties on Venice Beach in California, his villa in Antigua and his Surrey home Hurtwood Edge Estate. Clapton's yatch, Va Bene, worth £9 million, his music catalogs, tour earnings and his 50% share in the sartorial company Cordings Piccadilly sum up the bulk of his wealth. Clapton's many years of struggle with de-addiction from drugs and alcohol led to his founding and funding the Crossroads Center on the island of Antigua in 1998. A lot of the proceeds from his guitar sales and tours go into this charity. Clapton is also a car-head who has collected Ferraris for decades, and his enduring love of speed is evident in his recent purchase of a $4.75 million bespoke Ferrari made especially for him, thanks to Eric Clapton net worth. Clapton is also believed to have attempted to invest in the football club Albion, but after rejection from that end, he is rumored to have shifted focus to Chelsea. Clapton was born to a 16-year-old Surrey girl, Patricia Molly Clapton, and a Canadian soldier from Montreal, who deserted them. He grew up with his grandparents believing that his mother was actually his older sister. Later his mother would leave him to move to Germany with another Canadian soldier. Clapton's life as a musician was a racy life full of the thrills of fame and artistic creation, offset with drugs and alcohol. Clapton wrote 'Layla' for Patti Boyd, who was Beatles man George Harrison's wife at the time, and married her in 1979 after years of passionate wooing. They stayed married through his affairs in 1984 with Yvonne Kelly (which produced a daughter in 1985) and 1988 with Lory Del Santo (which gave him his son Conor). The couple divorced that year, but Conor was killed in an accident when he was four which left Clapton shattered. The singer went on to marry Melia McEnery in 2002 and went on to have three children with her - the heirs to Eric Clapton net worth.
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Eric Clapton Estates and Homes (1)

Venice Beach Home

Renowned English guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Clapton owns this architectural masterpiece.

Renowned English guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Clapton owns this architectural masterpiece, the beautiful Venice beach home designed by the Renowned Architect, Arata Isosaki. Eric Clapton’s beach house is named Standfast Point and the 45 acre property sprawls across the rugged hillside. This oceanfront property lies just 100 feet from the sand, and the entire property is surrounded by covered terraces which link the three buildings.

Location: Venice Beach, Catalina Island, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Accommodation: With stunning views of Guadeloup and Montserrat, the estate is located on the Southern part of the island with the spectacular headland featuring a 14,000-square-foot complex that includes the caretakers’ house located near the entrance gates, guest quarters, the owner’s quarters and the main house. The main house has 2 bedrooms and a loft and 2 baths.The entire estate can accommodate a full staff and provides sleeping space for 14 people.

Features: The property also features two swimming pools and outdoor dining areas. The Main House is located at the center of the estate offering a panoramic view of the ocean. The house comes with a billiard room, a spectacular staircase at the entry level and a pool deck. There is also an al fresco dining space, a pantry, kitchen and a dining room on the lower level.

The owner house comes with a guest suite, a children’s playroom, a children’s bedroom suite, a master suite and a living room. The guest house features a central ‘courtyard’ with two bedrooms around it, a kitchen, living and dining terraces. Designed for casual Caribbean living, the home is fitted with simple and elegant furnishings.

Neighborhood: Standfast Point is located near dozen of cafes, shops, fine dining restaurants. Nearby attractions include historic Main Street, the 3rd street Promenade, Marina Del Rey Santa Monica pier, Gold's Gym Abbott Kinney street and the Venice boardwalk all of which are within walking distance of the estate.

Eric Clapton Autos and Cars (1)

Ferrari 458 Italia

Eric Clapton's Ferrari 458 Italia

Eric Clapton has laid his hands on a customized edition of the Ferrari 458 Italia. Prepared by the special projects team at Ferrari, the star is known to have spent around £3 million ($4.7 million) for it.

Dubbed the SP12, this special edition Ferrari features a lot of additions from different models of Ferraris, from varied time eras. Apart from a V8 engine, the body brings in a lot of the 512 Boxer editions which made their name during the 1970’s and 1980’s. There was a very strong demand for a V12 to be fixed within this 458 Italia inspired body, but the dimensions and other engineering tweaks didn’t allow for it, and Mr. Clapton has to make do with the supercharged V8 engine beneath the hood.

Eric Clapton Cause (1)

Cross Roads Antigua

Eric Clapton supports Cross Roads Antigua

Cross Roads Antigua is a charitable organization established in 1998 by Grammy Award winning artist, acclaimed guitarist Eric Clapton. It is focused in providing residential care to recovering drug addicts in a therapeutic and peaceful environment. Clapton always had the desire of founding an international center for healing the victims of substance abuse on the lovely island of Antigua since he is a former drug and alcohol addict.

The nonprofit center is dedicated in providing treatment of superior quality and integrity to individuals suffering from the severe effects of addiction. The NGO charges the lowest possible medical fees ensuring affordability and accessibility to even the poorest sections of society.

The process of healing begins through a learning process followed with a 4 to 6 week long program which can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual client. All necessary steps like recreational therapy, spiritual integration, fitness training, yoga and nutritional counseling are taken in the healing program to ensure a successful life-long recovery. The organization dedicatedly works with patients to help them surrender the feeling of guilt and shame which creates a building block in their road to rehabilitation.

Eric Clapton Collectibles (1)

Abstraktes Bild (809-4) painting

Abstraktes Bild (809-4) painting

Rocking British guitarist and singer, Eric Clapton owns a vast art collection besides being known for his interests in guitars and luxury cars. The legendary singer is offering an abstract painting at A Sotheby's auction for $20 million. The timing of the sale of the Abstraktes Bild by Richter couldn't have been better with the prices for top contemporary art on an all time high. Another painting by the same painter has already set an auction-record of $21.8 million in New York.

Interestingly, it was from the Sotheby's that he had originally purchased the painting in 2001 for about $3.1 million. In fact, the Abstraktes Bild was created as a quartet and the musician owns three of them, with the fourth being jointly owned by the Tate and National Galleries (Scotland).

In spite of failing economies, there has been an upsurge in the values of artworks with collectors emerging from markets in Russia, China and the Middle East. In fact, the 80 year old Richter himself called the art market as daft, absurd and simply impossible to understand!

UPDATE: Eric Clapton's "Abstraktes Bild (809-4)" painiting from his private collection sold for a record sum at an auction in London. The painting by German painter Gerhard Richter was estimated to fetch between $14 and $19 million, but it was auctioned for over double the upper limit, at $34,190,756, the highest price ever for work by a living artist, Sotheby's said.


Eric Clapton Brands (2)


Clapton Sporting a Rolex Submariner

The ace-guitarist is known for his love for high-end watches and one of his all-time favorites is Rolex watches. He is the proud owner of some of the most invaluable Rolex of all times. His collection includes Rolex Reference (RR) 6062 set in 18-carat gold with a diamond adorned face -- considered as the best Rolex watch ever. The golden RR 6036 is embellished with the harmony of multiple jewels with a romantic patina finish. Moving over to the RR 6062 which sells for $100,000 in spite of not being cast in gold, we realize that value is added with rarity too. On the other hand, the RR 6239, made from gold, white & anthracite gains special value for combining masculine and feminine elements with an adorning tachymeter ring around the face. The RR 6236 is of the sports variety belonging to the 'Compax' series of the early 1960s. Whether the watch is made of gold or not, old becomes gold as the RR 3525 suggests. Though minimalist in simplicity, the watch is full of a timeless elegance exuded by the Oyster Chronograph. Another such elegance-exuding, Oyster Chronograph model is the RR 6263 which stands out for its individuality.

The ace-guitarist is known for his love for high-end watches and one of his all-time favorites is Rolex watches.

The ace-guitarist is known for his love for high-end watches and one of his all-time favorites is Rolex watches.
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Clapton sporting Rolex GV Milgauss

Clapton sporting Rolex GV Milgauss

Rolex Explore II

Rolex Explore II

Patek Philippe

Eric Clapton wears Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe figures among the le crème de la crème watches of the world. Clapton's Patek Philippe watches include Reference (PPR) 1463. Made in red gold, the classic watch costs about $175,000. Also in the collection is the PPR 1526 which is the first of the Patek Philippe watches to feature the eternal calendar along with lunar phases. Produced for a decade from 1941 to 1952, the watch oozes with the mystery and charm of the moon.

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