Eric Clapton’s custom Ferrari 458 Italia

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2012

Being a world famous star, or a rich investor, has its own perks. Apart from the glitz and glamour, comes a decent helping of cash, and the toys to spend it on. One of them is a Ferrari to glorify one’s car garage. Whether its a car collector like Sultan Haji Hasan Al Bolkiah, who has reportedly a collection of 452 Ferraris, or sports icons like Christiano Ronaldo, and Ferrari’s former world champion, Michael Schumacher, each of these personalities have managed to park one editions from the Italian car brand to create a style statement. The latest to join their league is award winning singer and performer, Eric Clapton, who has laid his hands on a customized edition of the Ferrari 458 Italia. Prepared by the special projects team at Ferrari, the star is known to have spent around £3 million ($4.7 million) for it.

Eric Clapton's custom made Ferrari SP12

Dubbed the SP12, this special edition Ferrari features a lot of additions from different models of Ferraris, from varied time eras. Apart from a V8 engine, the body brings in a lot of the 512 Boxer editions which made their name during the 1970’s and 1980’s. There was a very strong demand for a V12 to be fixed within this 458 Italia inspired body, but the dimensions and other engineering tweaks didn’t allow for it, and Mr. Clapton has to make do with the supercharged V8 engine beneath the hood.

Eric Clapton's custom made Ferrari SP12

The next cue borrowed from other model, is the retro headlamp, which has been taken from the Ferrari Enzo, which are known for their famous shapes and styling factor. With a Ferrari, there is very little which can be sportier, and these headlamps are definitely one of them. ­

Eric Clapton's custom made Ferrari SP12

When taking a glance at the rear end of the custom car, the 512 Boxer has also lent it’s a flat engine cover a B-Pillar to the design. When one goes back a couple of decades, one would recall quite a few of these being a part of the racing circuit, or some movie related to racing and cars. The design virtually remains a part of every Ferrari lovers’ memories, and it seems Mr. Clapton wants to bring back the charm. After all, he waited 2 years for this wonder car to be made.

Eric Clapton's custom made Ferrari SP12

We do not want the Ferrari lovers to be left high and dry. Hence, we suggest taking a glance over at the most expensive Ferraris, where quite a few custom made editions are listed out. Not just the traditional red racing bird, the Ferrari has seen a lot of art work being done on it. Anyways, the video for Mr. Clapton’s video shall speak more extensively.

Via: Diseno/ Mirror/ Fox News

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